While Hydra and Spetses turn all eyes upon them, there is an island that keeps its low profile, its authenticity and charm. This Saronic Gulf island has no intention to pretend, it’s just beautifully simple and despite its small size, it has huge cultural interest and covers all needs.

Let’s meet the island of Poros!


Poros lies in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf, located only 58 km from Piraeus port, which is translated in 50-60 minutes away from Athens by ferry.

Poros island is the delightful result of two smaller islands coming together; Sferia and the larger Kalavria. It’s truly one great city break or an ideal destination for all those seeking relaxed and quiet vacation.

Poros views

What to see and do:

1. Visit the Clock Tower, its landmark. Romantic and imposing at the same time. You will get to view it once you disembark, but a good idea would also be to climb the hill; the views are rewarding.

2. Stroll around the promenade on the harbour. Watch the neoclassical houses and the green hills surrounded by the blue water that all together compose a lovely carte postale.

View from the promenade

3. Explore the cobble stoned alleys, home to various shops and grab a bite in one of the sea-facing tavernas or cafes.

4. Swim in one of the sandy beaches; Askeli, maybe the most popular one and Monastiri, the small sandy one near Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.

Poros town

5. If you wish to swim in green waters and being surrounded by pine trees, then head to Love Bay and Megalo Neorio.

6. If you’re a cultural enthusiast, you will surely discover places of high interest. Make sure not to miss visiting the Monastery of Poros, which was founded in 1720, the Temple of Poseidon, which was built in the 6th century BC and the Archaeological Museum in Koryzi Square. It hosts artefacts from the Temple of Poseidon, various findings from the ancient Troezene, along with excavations in Methana.


7. Enjoy nice Greek food along with endless blue views at Sirene Blue Hotel’s restaurant.

8. A big part of Poros can be easily walked. During the golden hour, at around 7:30-8pm, when the heat is not that strong, walk from Monastiri to Poros town. It’s less than an hour walk and you will get to enjoy the vibrant bougainvilleas, the whitewashed or stone houses and you will discover little and picturesque churches and hidden alleys.

Stone house in Askeli

9. For tasting delightful traditional food, great meat and amazing French fries- along with other local delicacies- go to ‘Mourtzoukos’ tavern. For fish bites head to ‘Naftis’ tavern in Poros town.

10. For traditional desserts, try the ‘Glykisma’ pastry shop, located in one of the alleys that lead to the promenade and for delicious ‘amydgalota’, [Greek soft almond flavored cookie], go to ‘Dagklis’, in the main road in the town.

Poros town

Poros is truly a hidden gem of the Saronic Gulf. It maintains its character and stays away from all the flashy lights remaining authentic and honest.

You will really enjoy your visit, trust me 🙂