Glorious tropical beaches, unbeatable nature and soulful dishes, just 6 hours and 30 minutes from Doha. Let’s explore Phuket together!

Phuket is the biggest island of Thailand, that lies in the Andaman sea. It’s a truly beautiful place with so many things to see and do. I know it can be a bit overwhelming trying to fit everything in a few days, so, let’s explore together all the things you can so in this dazzling island; step by step.

1. Walk on Karon beach, as the night falls; the sky is like a painting. You will once again realize that nature gives real treasures to human beings. Karon beach is also beautiful during the day. Grab a fresh juice from a local tent and relax under the sun.

On The Rock restaurant

2. I suggest you walk all the way to Kata beach. There, you will find the restaurant On The Rock, which is part of the Marina Phuket Resort, but it’s open to the public. The restaurant offers marvelous dishes; local flavors at their best.

3. Enjoy fresh fruits and fresh juices (shakes). The land of Thailand offers all kinds of fruits in abundance and the best thing you can do is to start your day with a delicious shake from the many local tents you will find along your way.

4. Exquisite Thai cuisine can also be found on street food stalls, besides restaurants. You may wonder if it’s safe to eat from there; I personally have tried many times the local street food and I was absolutely ok. Food was deliciously satisfying and at very low cost. Obviously, if you see something extreme from a hygienic point of view, don’t take the risk.

5. Visiting any place in Thailand and not going to one of its markets, it’s simply a no. Well, it’s where the heart of the place beats! When in Phuket Town head to the Night Market; you will find anything you can think of! From clothes and suitcases to household items, souvenirs, handmade products and local fashion items to food. Of course, food. Authentic Thai dishes, ice cream, juices…

Be prepared to be wonderfully lost!

Oh, and don’t forget to bargain on the prices. You can go to the one third of the initial price, trust me; it’s in the Thai culture.

6. When the sun goes down, Bangla road in Patong goes crazily alive. This is a place you have to visit and something you need to experience at least once. Bangla Road is full of bars, restaurants, live shows and many more. Loud music is all over the road coming from various bars and one thing is for sure; the fun is never ending!

7. Go wild on massages. Well, with around 7 euros per hour (30 QAR) who wouldn’t do a massage every day?

8. If you want to spend a day just chilling at a beach bar, then Café Del Mar at Kamala beach is the place for you. Perfect food, delicious cocktails, super comfy sun beds and well selected music! Heaven on earth. Give it a try.

9. You have to try the most popular local dishes; pad Thai, which is noodles with shrimps or chicken, tofu, veggies and cashew nuts. Delicious! Moreover, try the Tom Yum soup, made with shrimps and mushrooms and of course, fresh fish.

Old Town alleys

10. Phuket’s Old Town (and Phuket’s capital) is by itself an authentic experience, worth living. Old houses, cute stores and picturesque alleys form a place worth visiting.

Karon viewpoint

11. What if I tell you that there is a beautiful spot in Phuket where you can enjoy unbeatable views? If I triggered you a little, here is where you have to go; to Karon Viewpoint. It is situated in an elevated location and from there you can enjoy breathtaking views. Take a deep breath and enjoy!

12. Thailand is home to countless temples demonstrating people’s faith in Buddhism. Phuket’s landmark is definitely the Big Buddha; a 45-meter tall white marble statue, which lies at the top of the Naked Hills. Once you’re there, you are also going to get panoramic views of the island.

13. Take a cooking class! Well, if not in Thailand with all these delicious culinary adventures, then where? I have tasted the Thai cuisine in many parts of this world and trust me on this; only when cooked in Thailand, Thai food is absolutely delicious. So, take a cooking class, learn some of the secrets and skills and enjoy your meal!

Maya Bay

14. Go on a daily trip to Phi Phi Island and Maya Bay. Pure waters and amazing lush green surroundings will make you wonder “am I really here?”. Nevertheless, be prepared for a lot of tourists, so maybe try and go during the off-peak season.

Phi Phi island

15. Explore Surin and Nai Harn beaches. To be honest with you, I have not visited them, but I know there are must-sees. They are on my list once I visit Phuket again, as let me tell you now thing; One time in Phuket is never enough!

Useful Tips

Be careful when using taxis and tuk-tuk in Phuket. Make sure you agree on the cost before you enter the cab; taxis are the most pricey thing, they can rip you off.

November to March is the high season for Phuket, with warm temperatures but that doesn’t mean that cloudy days and tropical storms are out of the game; but still, the beauty of the place stays untouched. Have in mind, though, that traveling to Phuket on low season has its benefits; amazing deals on resorts and hotels!

Always keep a jacket with you. Closed spaces and taxis are constantly air-conditioned and it’s usually cold. Also, bring with you anti-mosquitos sprays and sunblock of course (even though you can find all these in Phuket. There are plenty of pharmacies all around).

Distance from Doha

Approximately 6 hours and 30 min by flight.

Embrace the local culture, wear your biggest smile and enjoy the land of Thailand!