Navigating around Doha’s food spots is not an easy task. The options are literally SO MANY, that make food in Doha a complete ritual. You can find anything you want! Indian? Thai? Steak House? Sushi? Burgers? Salad bars? Whatever you’re craving for, the city has you covered.

After living in Qatar for more than a year now, I did find my own personal favorites food places, depending on desired cuisine. Below, you will find a range of places, high end restaurants or simple snack spots or just the best delivery option. Until now.

*Important note* This is not an ad.

Thai food

Oh, my ultimate favorite Thai place in Doha is Isaan, located at Grand Hyatt Hotel. It’s not only that the food is excellent, it’s also the warmth and cosiness of the place that make it enjoyable. One more option and less pricey is Thai Snack.

Delicious fish at L’wzaar


All the streets lead to L’wzaar in Katara. You can select fresh fish from a wide selection, have it cooked the way you want, along with various sides. Big bonus: The fresh salad they always bring first.


Morimoto at Mondrian Doha. New entry in Doha (I think it’s less than a year) but it came to stay. Excellent flavors and beautiful place- but a bit pricey for the very small portions they offer.

Asian Fusion

Spice Market in W Hotel and Hakkasan at the St. Regis. TOP choices!

Affordable Sushi

Oh I love sushi. I could eat sushi every day, really. Well, I found my paradise and it’s called La Maison de Sushi; you pay QAR 130 per person and you eat as much as you want. Yeap! Unlimited (very descent) sushi, Thai dishes and sodas.

Well, here I have two favorite places by now. Or three. The first one would be Royal Tandoor located at the Pearl Qatar and at Souq Waqif. The chicken kebabs are heaven! Also, MRA is one of the best Indians in town.  Yellow Chili at the Pearl is promising as well.


Victoria’s fillet at Outback


Well, there is this place, which is open 24/7 (oh yes!) and has the best meat steaks I have ever tried. It’s called Al Khaima! Not fatty and delicious. Also, it has one of the best breads ever (and in huge portion)!


Besides this, excellent meat steak can be found in Outback in Lagoona Mall. Try the Victoria filet (on the image above) 🙂


Spicy chicken burger at Hudson Tavern, served on Friday’s brunch


Elevation burger at the Pearl and Rare burger! Top! I mean, I know it’s a burger, how healthy can it be, but these two places specifically have clean and very descent fast food. It’s the healthiest cheat meal 🙂 Morover, Hudson Tavern at the Mondrian Hotel has a very good burger. On weekends they also offer the spicy chicken one, and it’s delicious!


Lo Spaghetto Pizza


Well, hello, hello. One of my biggest complains about Doha is not having a good pizza. I mean, I don’t ask for much. I have tried from many many places and I was disappointed. I did find my best eventually, but it’s far away from my house and there is not delivery 🙁 This place is called Lo Spaghetto and you have to try it!!


Healthy salads

This can be found at the Bowl at the Pearl. I have my personal favorite there, a ‘make your own’ salad of salmon, carrots, edamame and cucumber. The Bowl has various selection of healthy salads and snacks, it will not let you down!

Best delivery chicken at the Pearl

Shatter Abbas! When I don’t have anything at home and I need a take away I always get the Magic chicken or the Spicy chicken along with white rise. I haven’t tried anything else from the menu to be honest, so I cannot have an opinion for the rest- the above dishes though are really good!



Gelato di Bruno! One of the BEST ice-creams I have ever had! Oh yes. There isn’t one flavor that I have tried and said “hm, this is a no”.




Hm.. Ok, many options here. Eggspectations at the Pearl is a very nice option, especially if you are an egg lover. Dishes and starters are nice and the whole environment is exactly what you need for weekend mornings. And then we have Mado; this Turkish place is one of the best for a relaxing and very enjoyable breakfast. You can select one of its many options and it’s ideal for sharing.


Mado at the Pearl


A recent discovery that made me really really happy is the French Olive, located near Tower 1, at the Pearl. The location is really excellent! Moreover, every weekend (I am not sure what’s the deal during the weekdays) they have a lunch buffet with only 95 QAR per person. Sodas and coffees are included! So, yes, this is a very good deal!


Middle East cuisine

Le Gourmet at Souq Waqif is SO good! I recently tried they shish taouk (chicken) and was decilious. Make sure you also try their hummus, batata harra and tabbouleh.


This is it for now! I am sure there are more places worth trying and adding on my future lists!

Anything you would add? Let me know!