It’s constantly getting ranked as the world’s most livable city and that itself, is a very good reason to visit!

To be honest with you, Australia was not among the highest priorities on my travel bucket list. And I really don’t know why. It’s a place I truly loved from the very first moments there and I am wondering why I haven’t visited for so long.

My first stop during the Australia mini tour was Melbourne, a dynamic and cosmopolitan city. A city that it’s home to people from all over the world, making it a multicultural metropolis.

Melbourne is the capital of the State of Victoria, situated at the mouth of Yarra River. The city is known for its buzzing life at CBD (Central Business District), its wonderful suburbs, the green heavenly parks, the beautiful nearby beaches and the cultural activities.

I only stayed in Melbourne for 3 days and this is certainly not enough time to fully explore it. Nevertheless, you can still do a few things that will manage to give you a small taste. In this post I am  going to talk to you about what you can see and do in the big city.

Top Ten Things To Do In Melbourne

South Melbourne Market

1. Head to South Melbourne and wander around the local market. You will find anything you can think of, from vegetables and desserts to household items. Later, enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch in one of the various cute cafes and restaurants.

2. Did you know that in Australia they take their coffee seriously? If you’re caffeine addicted, Melbourne will be your paradise. Aussies don’t see their coffee as just an essential part of the daily routine; it’s really kind of embedded in their culture. So rich in flavor, make sure to ask for a ‘long black’ or a ‘short black’.

Brunch at Grain

3. Besides coffee, Australians are experts when it comes to brunch time. Plenty of good places for brunch, I tried ‘Grain’, one of the city’s top brunch spots and I loved it!

Royal Botanic Gardens
Royal Botanical Gardens
Royal Botanical Gardens

4. After enjoying your brunch, visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne’s green lung. The Gardens are ideal for walking around, taking a break from the city scene, discovering various plants and herbs and enjoying nature.

St Kilda
St Kilda Pier

5. Take the tram from the city and in approximately 30 minutes you will arrive to St Kilda, a beautiful beach. Relax under the sun and stroll down the Pier, as you don’t want to miss the unbeatable sunset. Also, if you’re lucky, maybe you will get to see penguins!

Strolling around Southbank
Melbourne by night

6. Stroll around Southbank, the beautiful promenade, where the diverse food scene of the city unfolds. For a good steak and a perfect ambiance, I strongly recommend ‘Waterfront’ restaurant.

7. If you are curious to see where the city’s heart beats, head to Federation Square. It’s the most common meeting point and the place where various events take place.

Flinders Street Station

8. Check out Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station, one of the most iconic buildings of the city. Simply imposing and fascinating.

9. If you find some time, have a drink in one of the city’s rooftops and enjoy the imposing skyline.

10. Visit the Library and Melbourne Museum for cultural inspiration.

All the above are just a few things you can do in a few days in Melbourne. There are so many more to explore in this wonderful city! Visiting the suburbs, where Melbourne’s charm also lies is a must. Also, you need to spend a day trip at Lorne, the beautiful beach town! But I will get into more details about these in my next posts.

One thing is for sure. I am going to visit again and absorb more of what Melbourne has to offer.

Until then, stay tuned for my next Aussie posts 🙂

*Melbourne is an approximately 13-14 hours flight from Doha, Qatar.