Hello all! Happy New Year!

Long time no see 🙂

2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging year for all. But we survived. Have you read my last article about my quarantine in Qatar?

Qatar never stopped taking all precautionary measures, not a single day. The lockdown was gradually lifted, but the measures were and still are with us every day. Masks are mandatory everywhere, all cafes and restaurants widely practice social distancing, and we only enter a place by showing our Ehteraz app; an app designed to showcase positive cases or cases under quarantine- thus, if you break the quarantine and you are tested positive, but you decide to be a smartass and wander around, all entry points will locate you and do the necessary.

Maldives blues

But let’s proceed to something happier! A trip to the Maldives! I traveled to the Maldives during Christmas and spent a few wonderful days there.

Since many of you may wonder how we could travel, I thought to write this piece and give you some insights and useful information.

When in the Madlives

How did we travel to the Maldives from Qatar?
There is a Travel Bubble between Qatar and the Maldives, which means that no quarantine is required upon your arrival to Qatar- if, of course, you are tested negative.

What’s the procedure like?
You have to a Covid-19 test up to 72 hours before you travel and present a health certificate to the airline that proves you’re negative. Before you board the plane, you also have to do a second rapid test, and only if you test again negative you can board and fly. You also have to complete a few necessary documents and forms and present them to Qatar Airways. Upon arrival, you do one more Covid-test in the airport, and if you’re negative, you can go home with no quarantine.

Christmas in the Maldives
Christmas in the Maldives

Where do I do the test?
This link provides all medical centers that realize Covid-19 tests. However, you can go to Umm Salal medical center (part of Hamad Hospital) and do the test for 50qar. Many thanks to New In Doha for her valuable insights on this. Read her article here and make sure to follow her IG for all the updates around Doha.

Where do I stay
Three hotels participate in the Travel Bubble agreement, so Qatar travelers stay in these three hotels specifically. There are no guests from other countries.

Amaya Kuda Rah
Amaya Kuda Rah

Flights info
Effective from December 23, there are flights to and from the Maldives that will only accommodate Travel Bubble travelers.

Duration of the Travel Bubble
It is extended to February 5 for travel up to January 31, 2021.

For detailed information, visit this page:

I don’t think there are many things to say for the Maldives. It’s a paradise on earth and the perfect getaway for a few days. I believe that the images will speak louder than words.

Flyboarding for the first time
Flyboarding for the first time

My highlights: Scuba diving and Flyboarding (so much fun)!